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North Korea

*Please note - we are not currently running tours to North Korea. They have been closed since January 2020 and there is currently no sign of when they will reopen.

Come and explore one of the most isolated and secretive countries in the world, completely shut off from outside influences since 1953. To visit North Korea is a bizarre and unique travel adventure, catching a glimpse into the lives of a nation mostly closed off from the 21st century as we know it.

During our tour you will stay in the bustling capital city of Pyongyang; visiting iconic locations such as the Arch of Triumph and the Mansudae Monument to see the giant bronze statue of Kim Jong Il. Outside of Pyongyang we will visit the beautiful Mount Myohang, the quiet area of Panmunjom, also known as the 'truce village' and much more.

Upcoming Tours

Our current upcoming group tours can be seen below. They are all guaranteed departures.

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We arrange monthly group tours which take in everything from national holidays to the annual North Korean Open Golf Tournament and various other sporting events.

Our standard North Korea tours start in Beijing. However, we also offer a cheaper option of beginning and ending the tour in Dandong (North East China)

We also arrange individual private North Korea tours at any time throughout the year. Contact us for details.

Our current prices (per person) for group tours are listed in the tour table section below.

Prices for private tours are as follows:

2 nights in NK

1 person: €995
2-3 people: €825 (per person)
4-5 people: €685 (per person)

3 nights in NK

1 person: €1170
2-3 people: €985 (per person)
4-5 people: €860 (per person)

4 nights in NK

1 person: €1360
2-3 people: €1145 (per person)
4-5 people: €1020 (per person)

7 nights in NK

1 person: €1995
2-3 people: €1785 (per person)
4-5 people: €1470 (per person)

10 nights in NK

1 person: €2795
2-3 people: €2395 (per person)
4-5 people: €1995 (per person)

Each tour includes the return sleeper train from Beijing to the NK border. Itineraries are customiseable but the most popular options are 2 nights (Visit Pyongyang). 3 nights (Pyongyang and the DMZ). 4 nights (PY, DMZ and Mt Myohyang). 7 nights adds on 3 days on the beaches at Wonsan and visiting Kumgang national park. 10 nights adds on the west coast at Nampo, Sincheon and Sariwon.

All the private tour prices are starting and ending the tour in Beijing. To start and end in Dandong, please reduce the price by €100.

Private tours can be customised and we also have experience arranging Sabbath/Shabbat compliant tours as well as tours for clients with disabilities. We can also arrange North Korean guides fluent in French, Spanish, German, Russian, Hungarian, Japanese and Chinese.

Balance payment must be paid in cash on arrival in Euros.

If you are travelling alone a €45 per night single room supplement is required. If you would prefer to avoid this, we can usually allocate somebody else for you to share with.


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error_outlineSecurity Advice

Please note that although we only run tours to areas we feel we can keep our clients safe, the British FCO advises against all but essential travel to North Korea.

We research the security of our destinations highly and safety is a priority for us, however, we advise you to do your own research as well to ensure you are comfortable with your trip.

Please note these travel warnings may also affect travel insurance for these regions, please contact us for advice on this. For the latest travel advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office including security and local laws, plus passport and visa information, click here