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Iraq: The cradle of civilization. The Tigris and Euphrates rivers snake through the region and produce a rich soil which gave humanity fertile ground to grow food and create foundational inventions such as the wheel. All of humanity can call this land home. Sadly, hardship has poisoned Southern Iraq over the last century. Colonization, Saddam Hussein's regime, the U.S. invasion in 2003, and instability—all these forces have affected Iraq in some negative way. Yet beneath the tragedy lies a lovely country with spectacular sights and people—a place where we are all connected through our collective history.

Our journey begins in Baghdad. Several days will be dedicated to the capital and the surrounding area. You will visit Liberation Square, Al-Qishla, Al-Mustansiriya School, old bazaars and copper markets. Add into the mix a boat trip down the Tigris river. We will also journey to other cities: Babylon, Ctesiphon, al-Qatarra and Karbala, and the fantastic sites found within each one. For nature lovers, our excursion to the marshes will leave you speechless. Southern Iraq's marshlands are a hidden gem of the natural world, an aquatic oasis in an otherwise parched landscape.

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Federal Iraq Highlights Tour  2023 Itinerary

Our Iraq tours currently run twice per year. The tours start in Baghdad and end in Basra.

Visa is available on arrival for most nationalities.

We also offer tours to Iraqi Kurdistan 4-5 times per year.

The price for this tour is £2385.

Single supplement cost is £275 (subject to availability)

A £500 deposit is payable to secure your booking.

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Please note that although we only run tours to areas we feel we can keep our clients safe, the British FCO advises against all travel to Iraq.

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