Libya Highlights Tour


1 04/09/2025

Arrive in Tripoli

• Arrive at Tripoli airport.

• Transfer to the hotel, where we have a pre-trip briefing before dinner.

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2 05/09/2025

Jebel Nefusa

• Travel seventy kilometres southwest to visit Jebel Nefusa—the heartland of the Berber people.

• In Jebel Nefusa, we visit the 12th-century granary of Qasr-al-Haj, the ancient stone village of Tarmeisa and the valleys of Sahel Al Jefra.

• Later we descend the mountains and head further south into the Sahara towards Ghadames, an ancient desert town. We stay here overnight.

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3 06/09/2025


• Full day in Ghadames.

• Explore the unique Saharan architecture of Ghadames old town and traditional houses.

• Later, we take an excursion to some desert dunes to watch the sunset over the mountains at the Algerian border.

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4 07/09/2025


• After breakfast, we leave for Gharyan, located at the foot of the Nafusa Mountains. Gharyan was a famous trading post and then later known for being the centre of Libya's resistance against the Italian invasion in the early 20th century. It is now a centre of flour milling, carpet weaving and pottery making and is famous for its troglodyte caves.

• Return to Tripoli.

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5 08/09/2025


• Visit the two thousand five-hundred-year-old UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sabratha. Formerly a Phoenician seaport and trading post, it was later used by the Romans before being badly damaged by an earthquake in the 4th Century.

• Return to Tripoli and visit the Karamanli house, the former British Consulate, the Ottoman clock tower, the arch of Marcus Aurelius and Martyrs square.

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6 09/09/2025

Leptis Magna

• Drive east to visit the incredible UNESCO site of Leptis Magna. After the tour, we will return to Tripoli.

• In Tripoli, we can go shopping in the old town bazaars.

Day 5 photo 1

7 10/09/2025

Tour Ends

• Transfer to the airport for international departure or transfer to airport to continue through to our Ubari Lakes Extension.


  • - Twin accommodation
  • - All meals
  • - English speaking guides and transport
  • - Airport transfers
  • - Entry fees
  • - Flights
  • - Visa approval code (we arrange this for £135 for most nationalities)
  • - Visa fee at Consulate (prices varies between nationalities)
  • - Single room supplement (we can allocate someone to share with on a group tour if you prefer to avoid this cost subject to availability)
  • Tour Price: £2095
  • Deposit: £500
  • Single Room Supplement: £245
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