Eastern Libya Extension Tour


1 10/04/2025

Arrive in Tripoli

• If you are arriving on this day, you will be transferred to the hotel to meet the group.

• If you are continuing from our Libya Highlights tour, you will be transferred to the Tripoli airport after lunch.

• Take a domestic flight from Tripoli (Mitiga) Airport to Benghazi.

• Transfer to the hotel and stay overnight in Benghazi.

Day 0 photo 1

2 11/04/2025


• Today we will delve into the Ancient Greek history of Libya. as we head towards Ptolemais; an archaeological site rarely visited.

• This often overlooked site looks like time stopped after the Libyan Revolution.

• After lunch drive deeper into the green mountains of Libya to visit the Museum Qasr Libya. Here we will witness one of the most impressive Greek mosaic collections in the world.

• Overnight in the city of Cyrene.

Day 1 photo 1

3 12/04/2025


• Today we will see the highlights of Eastern Libya. Starting by visiting Cyrene, the crown jewel of the Pentapolis.

• In Cyrene we will visit both the lower site, where we can appreciate elaborate statues still at the original place, and the upper site where we can marvel in an impressive acropolis.

• After lunch we will drive to Apollonia. Here we will able to see the marble columns with the turquoise Mediterranean Sea as a background.

• Finally, we will visit the third site of Ras Al-Hilal and its impressive marble carved floors.

• Overnight in the city of Cyrene.

Day 2 photo 1

4 13/04/2025

Return to Tripoli

• Today we will embark on our journey back to Tripoli.

• First we will stop in Benghazi. Here we will able to have a short walk along the Corniche and see the effects of the civil war on the city.

• Next we will be transferred to the Benghazi Airport to catch our flight back to Tripoli.

• Once back in Tripoli we will have a last night to say goodbye to this amazing country.

Day 3 photo 1

5 14/04/2025

Tour Ends

• We will be transferred to Mitiga Airport to catch our flight back to Tunis.


  • - Twin accommodation
  • - All meals
  • - English speaking guides and transport
  • - Airport transfers
  • - Entry fees
  • - Flights
  • - Visa approval code (we arrange this for £135 for most nationalities)
  • - Visa fee at Consulate (prices varies between nationalities)
  • - Single room supplement (we can allocate someone to share with on a group tour if you prefer to avoid this cost subject to availability)
  • Tour Price: £1345
  • Deposit: £350
  • Single Room Supplement: £155
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