Cameroon and CAR Highlights Tour


Tour leader: TBC

1 08/01/2025

Arrival in Yaoundé

• Arrive in Cameroon’s capital, Yaoundé.

• Meet our driver at the airport and go to the hotel.

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2 09/01/2025

Depart to Batouri

• Depart to Batouri, a colonial-era mining down in the eastern part of Cameroon.

• The drive there is half the fun. The countryside contains a kaleidoscope of various sceneries. Pineapple plantations, colonial towns, forests, and Bantu villages show you contrasting views of Cameroonian life on every leg of this journey.

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3 10/01/2025


• After breakfast, depart for the wild east, driving through remote Bantu villages and dense jungle.

• Overnight in Yokadouma.

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4 11/01/2025

Journey towards Dzanga Sangha

• Have a hearty breakfast, then drive across the border to the Central African Republic.

• Cross the mighty Sangha River by pirogue (a small wooden boat akin to canoes). Once in the C.A.R., undergo visa formalities, then continue onwards to Bayanga, a village on the outskirts of the legendary Dzanga Sangha Reserve.

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5 12/01/2025

Gorillas and Mangabeys

• Spend the day with our primate cousins. There is a family of Western gorillas and a group of up to three hundred mangabeys—fascinating little creatures which look more like a lemur than their closest relative, the baboon.

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6 13/01/2025

Dzanga Bai

• Today is dedicated to the gentle giant of the forest: the African forest elephant.

• Observe between twenty to one hundred elephants feeding in the Dzanga Bai area.

• Bongos, sitatungas, forest buffaloes and many bird species will also cross our path. These are all elusive creatures, but Dzanga Bai is the best place to spot them coming out of the forest to ‘mine’ for minerals.

Day 5 photo 1

7 14/01/2025

Village of Bayanga

• Travel to the village of Bayanga, where we have the chance to visit the local school, radio broadcasting centre, and other spots in this quaint community.

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8 15/01/2025

Baka Tribe

• After breakfast, cross the Sangha River by pirogue to return to Cameroon.

• Check into accommodation at the border town of Libongo.

• Visit the Baka Tribe and learn about these fascinating people. This region's original inhabitants have sadly been pushed to the margins of Cameroonian society since the Europeans colonised Africa. Historically, they were referred to as “pygmies.”

• Return to Libongo in the late afternoon.

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9 16/01/2025


• Depart for Yokadouma — a timber town founded by German explorers in the 14th century.

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10 17/01/2025

Sangha Tri-National Park

• Drive through the Sangha Tri-National Park area (a UNESCO Heritage Site) en route to Batouri, where we will stay overnight.

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11 18/01/2025

Return to Yaoundé

• Return to Yaoundé, where we'll have dinner.

• Overnight in Yaoundé.

Day 10 photo 1

12 19/01/2025

Tour Ends

• Here the tour ends. Transfer to the airport.


  • - Gorilla permit
  • - Visa authorisation and support for CAR and Cameroon
  • - Accommodation in hotels and lodges
  • - All transport
  • - Experienced local English speaking tour guide
  • - All breakfasts and meals in CAR
  • - All entry fees
  • - Accompanied by Lupine tour leader
  • - Airport transfers
  • - International flights
  • - Visa fees (prices depend on nationality)
  • - Tips for guide
  • Tour Price: £2580
  • Deposit: £750
  • Single Room Supplement: £50
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